How Has Torrenting Affectd the Movie Business Financially?



Let’s face it. Just about everyone uses the Internet nowadays, from social media, finding recipes or ordering pizza. You can find about all of the latest entertainment releases and news stories as well, plus just about any other information you are looking for. But how has torrenting affected the movie business financially? Unfortunately, the Internet has had a major financial impact on the movie industry, and there are a few major reasons why this is the case.

Less People Going Out to the Movie Theater

Rather than going out to see the latest movie releases and paying the high cost of the movie tickets, Hollywood executives argue that people will instead choose to download versions of the newest releases at home off of the Internet. Although the reality of this is difficult to determine for sure, the sales of movie tickets at the theaters has gone down in recent years. This however started before the downloading of movies off of the Internet for free became a lot more common.

The increased price of movie tickets has also had a negative impact on the amount of ticket sales, but a lot of movie theater owners say they have been made to raise the prices because of all of the illegal movie downloading. However, there are still some movies which do very well during the opening period in the theaters, selling out showings even if the movie has already been found leaked onto the Internet as a free download.

Less People Renting or Purchasing

A majority of Hollywood executives also believe that the ability to download free movies illegally from websites stop the money that would have been otherwise spent when people purchase or rent a copy of the movies. This is also a hard fact to prove, especially since there are more renting opportunities with Blockbuster online program for renting movies, which is rivaling the company NetFlix. There are several independent movie rental businesses which have already gone out of business, but it is still hard to prove whether this is because of the illegal movie downloads or just because the home movie rental business has evolved to include the rental companies who are online.

Movie Studios are Receiving Less Royalties

Still others claim that the movie downloads are taking money out of the pockets of those who funded, made and starred in the movies. With less theater tickets being bought, movies being rented less frequently, and not as many movies being purchased, some people are afraid that they’ll get quite the cut from their pay which will affect the quality of their life negatively, or the ability that the studios have to make additional movies. This is the same fear which was brought up back in the 1980s in regard to the VCR player and the VHS tape. These allegations stated that this device would hurt the movie industry, but they were forgotten since the industry of movies continued to thrive, even with the advent of additional home entertainment options which have become available. Enjoy watching movies with your favorite e-cigarette, visit Jordan’s Website for more reviews about the best e-cigarette!

3 Examples of Musicians Doing Web Marketing The Right Way


There are several promotional tools available online for musicians. Marketing is crucial if you want to succeed in the business. Use these examples of great marketing to let everyone know about your next show or release.

Use Social Media

There are plenty of social media websites dedicated to music or are frequented by musicians. MySpace is a great example. While it is important to create a social media presence everywhere, you need to choose which sites you frequently update. One method is to choose where your fans are, rather than where your fellow musicians are. Create a Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-In account so you can easily connect with people who already support you.

One example is Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls, who regularly uses Twitter as a direct line of communication to her fans. She is a great example of how fans can influence a musician and be engaging. She will frequently ask for input and chat with her fans, treating them as if they are her close friends. This has not only helped her market the band, it has influenced how her fans see her, making them more loyal listeners.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is usually seen as a method for bloggers to get traffic to a website, and few seem to utilize it in the music business. Having a blog helps you build a brand, in this case your music, and keeps you fresh in people’s mind. Even bands that do not play live or have few releases each year should start a blog. This will keep your fans happy and help you get a great following of people who are already interested in what you have to say. Use regular search engine optimization tactics as you would with any other site to keep the traffic up all the time.

Radiohead is well-known for their great website, which keeps fans informed on upcoming shows and allows them to interact. The band, which always had a following, became even more popular when they started using SEO techniques and content marketing to their advantage. They now have a popular community that is dedicated just to hearing their latest information. This has helped them remain fresh as a band and keeps their fans in the loop. Click also this link No BS Best Electronic Cigarette for ideas in doing content marketing. You will see how they market the e-cigarettes effectively .

Offer Digital Distribution

CDs are quickly becoming a way of the past. As more and more people start to get there music online, it is important for musicians to be digital. This means putting your music on sources like iTunes, but it also means marketing your digital music. Offer samples on your blog or social media profile. Include links to direct downloads everywhere you go online. If you can, offer one or two full songs free on your website, and then encourage people to visit your iTunes page. There are plenty of great opportunities that open up when you start digitally distributing your music.

Several bands wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the money to be made in digital distribution. One example is Your Favorite Martian, which had the most frequented music YouTube page and sold over one million digital songs. The cartoon band released its hits simultaneously on YouTube and iTunes, so fans could immediately hear the music and download using a convenient method the fans felt comfortable with.


The Benefits of E-Cigarettes for Recording Artists

If you’re a musician or more specific, a singer, you probably know how important it is for you to take care of your voice year round. This means that you have to avoid eating certain foods, drinking certain drinks, and you most certainly have to avoid shouting at someone that cuts you off on the freeway. That is, unless you are a death metal singer in which case that may just make your music so much better. All jokes aside though, one thing that hurts most musicians in the long run is smoking cigarettes. Unless you already have a deep voice like Trace Adkins or perform a type of music where your voice really isn’t that important, you definitely don’t want to risk changing your voice for the worse. One thing you can do to avoid this happening is obviously to quit smoking. However, that can be tough to do and most musicians love the feeling of smoking a cigarette while they’re strumming their guitar, brainstorming, or having a few drinks with their band mates during a jam session. So, with that being said, one alternative that all musicians have is to try e-cigs. Not only are e-cigs great for musicians but they can help them eliminate traditional cigarettes completely which means no more risk of losing their voice or their career in music. For information about electronic cigarettes, check out the Best Electronic Cigarette Blog here.

Why exactly are e-cigs good for musicians in particular? Well, aside from the reasons listed above, they can also be smoked inside venues while traditional cigarettes cannot. With laws changing in the United States in recent years, it is no longer acceptable to smoke in public venues such as food establishments, bars, or even flea markets. Just a few years ago, you could smoke in all of these places. Unfortunately, these are all places that musicians like to perform so cutting them out of their cigarettes can be a real problem. Fortunately, e-cigs can be smoked in all these places and more including airports, schools, and anywhere else that you want. This means that musicians can stay in their zone, have a good time, and put on good music for anyone in attendance. While stuff like this might not be a big deal to the average person, these are all things that musicians take into account. After all, they are artists and artists love having freedom whether it is in their creativity or the environment that they have around them.

So, in short, e-cigs can prove to be a great benefit to musicians for many different reasons. They allow them to enjoy the feeling of smoking a cigarette in places that cigarettes are no longer allowed, they expand their horizons (and open their senses), and they do all of this in a way that won’t harm their voices or subject them to potential diseases and health ailments. Of course, these are just a few of the reason that e-cigs can greatly benefit musicians. You can most likely think of a few more reasons that they not only benefit musicians but how they benefit you as well. Either way, e-cigs are amazing!

Why do Musicians Prefer Electronic Cigarettes?

download (17)Smoking does not only affect the health standards of singers but also their voices.Musicians always tries to maintain their voices wonderful and attractive so as to have more funs and their song appealing.Sometimes,musicians performs their songs and concerts at night.In such a situation,they could be attempted to smoke once they get their breaks due to influence from funs and friends.This may make the last part of the performance so boring because of the ruined voice caused by smoking.As a result,many singers have started using an alternative cigarette called electronic cigarette.

This is a new product in the market but has gained popularity because of its uniqueness and benefits.Unlike traditional cigarette,electronic cigarette has no tar,toxins,smoke,bad smell released when using traditional cigarette and any tobacco compounds.Instead of smoke,it releases water vapor which does not have negative effects to the general body healthy.Many singers are using it to save their voices and throats from injuries and damage caused by tobacco. (If you are a musician looking for the best of the e cigarette brands, than you should check out the site in the link!)

Electronic cigarettes has made it easier for musicians to smoke and freely interact with their friend during their breaks without distorting their voices.Furthermore,this product is very economical compared to traditional cigarette in the long run.Many singers more especially the starters afford this considering the fact that they do not make a lot of money.Another advantage is that this cigarette can be smoked from anywhere any time.This gives musicians an opportunity to even smoke from their dressing room before they perform.This saves time because they don’t need to sneak out to smoke.There is no law that restricts the use of electronic cigarette hence can be smoked even in the public.

Many people don’t exactly know how the singer’s voice is kept clear,fresh and attracting.There different processes the singers go through to keep their voices safe.Switching to electronic cigarette is one of the decisions musicians make to keep their voices safe and better.This new cigarette improves the user’s self esteem because of the fresh breath guaranteed.Its use also reduces the risk of fire which is caused by careless use of traditional cigarette.This is because electronic cigarette is non-flammable.Simply,it improves the general health of an individual due to lack of toxins and poisons in the body. It also makes your skin look better.

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How to Get More Likes for Your Band’s Facebook Page

In the 60′s and 70′s promoting ones music is a costly undertaking. Back then, mass media or the television and radio is the best medium for music promotion. It is not only expensive, exposure is also limited. Today the internet is a haven for musician wanting to promote their own music. Social networking sites such as Facebook is one of the best choices to get your message across. Facebook gets to have more than billion visit’s each month. We use it to have fun in updating our friends and family on things that are keeping us busy. We use it the make our dull day colorful, for entertainment and for getting in touch.

One very good thing about Facebook is that you will have the ability to create Fan pages for endorsing a product you believe in or to simply promote something that is important to you. With this feature, musician can now promote their music to a wide variety of audience and get the much needed likes that would signify ones approval of such content.

To enjoy a long term success using this method of promotion, certain practices has to be put in place. Again, getting a like is getting an approval from somebody who believes in and agrees to whatever you are promoting. It would not be ethical to ask or beg from somebody to like your post. It is also not proper to make the like option as a catch to something that the user was entice to do relating to your post.

What has to be done instead is to make such post interesting or intriguing or hilarious or sad or beautiful. Create a picture that is related to the type of music you are promoting. Work on a graphics that would engage and intrigue your audience. Post with 60 characters or less, in that way, you’ll get 60% engagement. Remember that most users are busy and would only scan the pages. So make your title catchy or let it stand out. If you can highlight the theme of your music in the post title and make the music itself support that claim.

Also think about this, Posted questions are the ones that entice readers to comment. Posting 2 to 4 times a week would usually get a 70% engagement. It would also be a good idea to put your Facebook link into other social media sites and to never forget to promote such post for free whenever possible.

How to Promote Your Band On YouTube

promote-your-band-on-youtubeYouTube is one of the largest and most popular websites today. It receives millions of visitors every single hour. That said, it’s no surprise that it also has become the web’s most well-known promotional tool. A video uploaded into YouTube has more chances of going viral than videos uploaded in other platforms. If you are in a band and you are looking for a way to expose your music to a bigger audience, YouTube is definitely a platform that you should use. It’s free and as we mentioned earlier, it attracts immense numbers of web traffic. In fact, a lot of today’s well-known bands started out in YouTube. In a nutshell, the video-sharing site is an effective tool in sharing your music and getting more people to listen to it.

Here are some tips on how you can promote your band on YouTube:
1. Create a professional-looking YouTube channel. Use the name of your band as your username and channel name. This makes it a lot easier for people to find your music on YouTube. Dress up your channel page. Upload a photo and make sure you provide all possible information about your band. Make it as interactive as possible. Also, make sure that you used the correct category for your channel.

2. Run contests and promotions. This is a great way to quickly generate buzz for your music. A contest that goes viral can translate to thousands of new listeners and fans. In your promotions, you can give away stuff like free tickets, band merchandise, t-shirts, signed merchandise, or a meet-and-greet with members of the band. Utilize other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to drum up more attention to your contests and promos. This is why it’s also important that your band must have its own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

3. Cover artists’ songs. If you look into YouTube, videos of artists covering songs by other artists are extremely popular. For example, if your band is into rock music, you can start covering songs by rock legends like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, etc. There’s also the chance that the artists you are covering will notice your effort and inform their fans about it.

4. Be consistent and upload new videos on a regular basis. An inactive YouTube channel puts off fans easily. So you need to keep yourself in their radar by being active and putting out new material in a consistent basis.

These four practical tips can greatly improve your band’s presence on YouTube. So implement them well and often.